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This repository has been made available to our customers to ensure that you all have access to the latest documentation and resources available to assist you with AHC products. Our latest release contains many important changes. It is vital that you understand what should be done after you have loaded this update. This document is intended to help you identify the most critical setup pieces, so that your organization's implementation of this release will be as smooth as possible. Read and heed, please; and if you have questions, please contact our Careline team at (800) 624-2228.

>Release 7.7 Documentation Index (last updated 9/27/2021) *Click here to launch a comprehensive listing of all changes updating the 7.7 Release. All of these changes will be part of the 7.6 Global Distribution. You will find links to special notices/instructions and TRQ Bullet Lists.

For prior versions, select the appropriate release number from the Release Archives list on the right.

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