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Doing Business the American Way!

Care and concern for customers is a commitment of every member on the American team. It is a working philosophy that radiates from the highest levels of the company to every one of its business functions.

The boundless pursuit of quality service extends beyond knowledge of the software system alone to a clear understanding of the customer's business. More than half of our staff has come from the administrative or nursing side of the health care profession. Their concern for the customer is genuine, because they've sat on the customer's side of the desk or at the side of a resident. As a result, our systems are designed to lighten the administrative load so that nurses can have more freedom to do what they do best, care for others.

Knowing the profession as well as they know the system is what sets American's people apart from others in the field and creates lasting relationships with our customers.

That is why we can say that we have built the best health care software programs in America, one satisfied customer at a time.

Doing More of What We Do Best!

American's leadership position in the development of software programs for nursing homes, home health and other health care providers is supported by more than twenty years of experience in health care management and software development.

During this time, American has built a team of experts in all areas of long term care. This team works closely with our research and development staff to help design efficient, cost effective software programs often inspired by listening intently to what our customers have to say.

Because our goals and those of our customers are the same, we stay on top of regulatory and resident care requirements and quality of care issues and then create simple answers to these seemingly complex questions.

As a result, American's program are never static, but continually evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of the health care industry.

In addition, our customers discover that American's Information Systems offer streamlined programs and simplified documentation.

Since they are modular in design, our programs allow customers to build a system that truly meets their needs now and grows as their needs grow. And our total information systems cover every aspect of financial and clinical management.

Simple, Easy to Learn Systems

American's programs are especially user friendly and easy to learn, because they are menu and table driven. Our integrated design concept allows our customers to create and maintain their own custom codes. It also helps them establish a historical data base and enables flexible reporting. Finally, the system guides the user step-by-step through each task.

These important data processing features spring from dedication born of a strong work ethic and a natural sense of resourceful innovation. Our people put pride in our products for those who put their trust in us.

What We Do For Others We Can Do For You

As an American customer, you will benefit from our dedication to your needs that extends from installation to training, from documentation to enduring follow through. And assistance is readily available when you need it through our toll-free Careline.

Our team will support to the limit your decision to become part of the American family - a commitment to product and service above and beyond the expected.

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