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Clinical Care

We provide the tools you need to track, document and plan the care of your Care Receivers.

With the advent of MDS 3.0 and the Medicare Prospective Payment System, it becomes harder and harder to manage the forms and scheduling that must be maintained on a daily basis. AHC's Clinical Care Suite offers the best solutions to get the job done so that you and your staff can do what you do best - take care of people.

Our Clinical package does the scheduling of both regular and Medicare PPS Assessments, schedules Care Plan meetings for each resident, generates the Resident Roster and Census & Conditions reports. We calculate Case Mix scores and all of the RAPs and Triggers for each assessment automatically, so you don't have to.

Once you decide which problems you want to address on the Resident's Care Plan, we insert them for you so you can individualize them to meet your needs and those of your Residents. We generate Quality Indicators so you can analyze your Resident population and compare your facility with others.

Electronic Medical Record - The Clinical Care Suite allows you to create and maintain a central database containing all the clinical information for each Care Receiver. This record can be accessed and updated by nurses and physicians. Each time a Care Receiver's electronic medical record is updated, other important components of their documentation are updated automatically. The many combined components of the care regimen provide a complete picture of the care being received.

Assessments - Once referred to your business and entered into the Continuum of Care Suite, the disciplines may be notified automatically of special events such as Master Index changes, admission, discharge, change of location and actions for the care regimen. Required Assessments, such as the Minimum Data Set 3.0 (MDS), State Specific Assessments, as well as User Defined Assessments are all fully integrated with Electronic (EDI) Submission capability built-in!

Nursing Care - All the information generated from the assessments is automatically available to your staff. Based on information collected in the Minimum Data Set 3.0 (MDS)/Care Planning system, Resident Care Plans are automatically generated where they can be customized for the Resident, stating rehabilitation objectives, nursing plans, social history, physical therapy and psychiatric assessments. Because the Care Plan is based directly on the MDS RAPs, you automatically comply with HCFA regulations. An Interdisciplinary health team provides the input to this module for problem definition, setting measurable goals, and recommending approaches to meet these goals.

Indicate when your Care Plan meeting was held, and from that point forward, your Care Plan meetings will be scheduled for you. The system even generates letters to family members, clinical staff, physicians, etc., notifying them of the meeting. .

Physician's Orders and Assignments - The American Physician's Orders/Assignment Sheets module is an on-line, interactive, real-time system designed to facilitate fast and accurate Doctor's Orders with Electronic Signature, Medication Administration Records (MARs). This provides for entry of all consultations, tests, reviews, medications, follow-ups. Together with a fully automated communication workflow system, this information closes the communication loop between Physician's and Care Giver staff.

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