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Comprehensive Home Infusion Prescription

Why settle for the information system you have today when you can have the integrated home care information system you'll need tomorrow?

The successful home care provider of tomorrow must have complete and continuous access to information. Clinical to financial information that is integrated to meet the needs of patients to payors:

  • In overseeing treatment
  • Tracking all components of the cost of care
  • Facilitating reimbursement
  • Managing inventory
  • Assessing the profitability of payer contracts
  • Measuring performance
  • Communicating outcomes

Can your existing information system give you access to all this?

The CHIP system is comprehensive data management that encompasses your expanding need for information. With sophisticated access, CHIP provides new insight into your organization's clinical and financial performance. CHIP gives you access to all the elements of success, clinical to financial management for home infusion.

Enhancing your Patient Care

  • Track all clinical events (interventions, outcomes, and/or complications) conveniently with one clinical record
  • Access records, electronically minimizing staffing and virtually eliminating paper files.

Improving your Profitability

  • Accelerate cash flow as you automatically generate and track claims, increasing reimbursement productivity by up to 50%.
  • Strengthen your financial position as you track full costs - not just product costs - in negotiating the most profitable managed care contracts.

Elevating your Competitive Position

  • Meet payer needs by generating payer reports that detail your utilization of services.

Managing your Assets

  • Improve your level of service as you facilitate ordering and receiving, and track the actual usage and cost of medications, supplies and equipment.
  • Integrate HME, respiratory and infusion with consolidated billing with a single referral input.

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