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Human Resources & Payroll Suite

A superior package meeting all your Human Resources, Employee Education, Scheduling and Payroll needs.

Human Resources - This event-driven tracking system captures Employee Applicant information and uses it throughout their Employment at your organization. We give your HR Staff the tools to track, monitor and communicate effectively and efficiently throughout your organization.

Payroll - Harmony's Payroll system guarantees accurate and timely lookup and reporting of all employee information through it's extensive collection of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and anuual information. This powerful application generates one check or thousands, quickly and accurately. The entire process can be completely automated, from tracking of time and absences to actual production of checks or electronic deposits and W2 Processing. This application also provides easy lookup of historical payment information for government required reports.

Staff Scheduling - This application allows you to schedule human resources across your organization. It is fully integrated with the Time & Attendance as well as the Payroll Processing applications.

Time & Attendance - The use of automatic time clocks provides a more accurate method of data collection, virtually eliminating data entry while providing greater control over actual hours worked.

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