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AHC Partners & Affiliates

American Health Care Software products are designed with ultimate flexibility in mind. We offer comprehensive solution packages to address most of your business needs and best-of-breed, third party products to extend functionality even more! An important element of our product design to enable seamless integration with most third party software packages. We've even built-in native support for best of breed solutions like Emdeon (f/k/a WebMD) for EDI transactions and ACOM for laser printing forms and checks.As a certified IBM Business Partner, there are literally hundreds of technology products on the market today that we are ready to communicate with. The following list is a just a small sampling of the products and companies that we have either established relationships with, or are capable of doing so, to bring all of your information into HARMONY!
Gatekeeper Business Solutions
Streamlining of the payroll preparation process, including a reduction of errors and manual effort and the electronic transfer of employee hours for payroll processing.
Automation of time and attendance management processes. Enforcement of payroll policies and schedules, including timely alerts for attendance supervision and overtime control.
GERI Menu Interface
GERI - Dietary package which interfaces with American Health Care Software’s census information.
Harris Data
Interface from Harris Data payroll system to the American Health Care Software General Ledger system.
McKesson's Hospital billing package interfaces to the American Health Care Software census and clinical system(s).
IBM Business Partner - eServer Family
American Health Care Software´s programs run on the IBM eServer architecture. IBM's eServer family supports the world's most popular multi-user business computing system -- sold in more than 120 countries, enabled in 40 national languages, installed in 98 percent of Fortune 100 companies. It´s relational database is geared for openness and ease of use and the dependability is second to none.
©The IBM logo is a registered trademark and the IBM Business Partner Emblem is a trademark of International Business Machines Corporation of America and are used together under license.
Intermate Forms Overlay
American is able to deliver laser printed MDS forms through the use of Intermate and their IPDS functionality.
Kronos Time Clock
American Health Care Software’s Time and Attendance and Payroll system(s) interface with Krono’s Time Clocks and Krono’s Time and Attendance System.

LANSA is used to make and manitain AHC's framework application.
This business partner assists with AHC to give the look and feel
of applications. This allows to easily integrate with comfortable
control and use of all process and procedures.

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