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Integrated Solutions

When every department is working as one, you have HARMONY!

American Health Care Software offers integrated software solutions that provide both robustness and ease of use. We’ve used a modular approach to design for ultimate flexibility. Many of our products are available as ‘standalone’ modules but for organizations where sharing information across different disciplines is key to efficiency and accuracy, we’ve create focused ‘Suites’, integrating our best of breed solutions. The table below lists our products, even Third Party interfaces that are available as add-ons.

Note About Electronic Medical Records and Census: Many of the products listed in the table below (even some ‘standalone’ products) require our Census Module. Census is the repository for all Care Receiver information from Admissions through Discharge. Information contained in this Electronic Medical Record is used throughout the Harmony system.

AHC Products & Suites Click here for more information about AHC's Continuum of Care Suite! Click here for more information about AHC's Clinical Care Suite! Click here for more information about AHC's Financial Management Suite! Click here for more information about AHC's Human Resources and Payroll Suite! Click here for more information about how AHC Products integrate with Third Party Products! Click here for more information about AHC's Census Management Module! Click here for more information about AHC's Standalone Modules!
Accounts Payable     x       x
Accounts Receivable x   x     x x
ACOM Interface x x x x x    
Adult Day Care/Outpatient x         x x
Apartment Billing x         x x
Billing x         x x
Care Planning/MDS x         x x
Census Management x            
Charting System   x       x  
CHIP - Home Infusion             x
Clinical System Add on and Wireless   x       x  
Consultations and Appointment Scheduling x         x x
Credit Card Interface to POS2000 x       x x  
Employer Benefit Reporting       x      
Fund Raising     x     x x
General Ledger     x       x
Geri Menu Interface x       x x  
Home Health System              
Human Resources and Payroll       x     x
Incident and Accidents       x      
Infection Control   x          
Intermate Forms Overlay   x     x x  
Massachusetts Management Minutes x x       x  
Menu Security x x x x   x  
New York PRI   x       x  
OBRA (MDS)   x       x x
Patient Appointment Scheduling   x       x  
Personnel and Licensing       x      
Physician's Orders   x       x x
Purchasing & Inventory     x       x
QS1 Interface x x     x x  
Quality Indicators   x       x  
Resident Trust x         x x
Staff Scheduling       x      
Straight Line Fixed Assets     x        
User Defined Assessments x x       x  
WebMD Interface x       x x  
Orbits x       x x  
Optimizer Systems, Inc     x   x    
Amalgamated Bank x       x x  
IBAX-HBOC x       x x  
First Coast x       x x  
ADP     x   x    
Harris Data     x   x    
New Generation Software         x    
AHCA Facilitator   x     x x  
Real Vision Imaging         x    
Wireless Tablet PC x x x x x x  
TL Ashford (bar code data collection) x x x x x x  
Kronos Time Clock       x x    
Coastal Data       x x    
Amano Time Clocks/Time and Attendance       x x    
Direct Deposit (multiple banks*)       x x    

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