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Minimum Data Set 3.0/Care Planning

  • All Census transactions are integrated with Clinical, with no re-entry of critical information.
  • Calculate Medicare RUGS scores before admission, using American’s standard Referrals/Pre-admissions button.
  • Admissions are automatically picked up by our MDS Scheduler, which schedules Medicare and regular MDS assessments. We won’t let you miss out on the Medicare reimbursement you’re due—our system insures that you enter all Medicare MDS’s within the proper assessment window, every time.
  • MDS entry is as easy as “point”, and “click”. View responses to prior assessments right on the screen, changing information where appropriate.
  • Automatic calculation of Medicare RUGS score is available anytime during the assessment entry process. Watch the score recalculate as answers are updated. Once the MDS is finished, the RUGS score is sent automatically to Billing, taking the guesswork out of determining the proper Medicare benefit periods.
  • Don’t lose out on reimbursement you’re due by not completing and submitting assessments on time. Let our system tell you what assessments are in progress, right down to MDS Sections and questions that are incomplete, all at the touch of a button.
  • Direct Electronic Submission of MDS assessments is a standard feature available in all states.
  • Care planning is completely integrated with the MDS and triggered sections. Let the system make suggestions for “standard” plans of care, design and enter your own standards, or write care plans as you go. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s completely up to you.
  • Our care plan scheduler tells you when the next care plan meeting is due for each Resident. Review specific Goals and/or Interventions outside the regular meeting schedule, whenever you wish, without impacting the regular care plan schedule.
  • Resident Roster, Census & Conditions, Case Mix, Progress Summaries, Flow Sheets, and “Problem Area” reports (psychotropic drugs, weight loss, chemical and physical restraints, etc) are all available at the touch of a button, all updated by the latest MDS information available.
  • Calculate Quality Indicators anytime, based on the latest MDS information available. American Health Care is fully accredited by JCAHO, through which you can compare your facility to others in your area or nationally.
  • MDS Security Profiles allow setup of MDS access by Section, allowing for update or view only access. Additionally, define who can create, change, or delete assessments, down to the type of assessment being entered (reason for completion).
  • Enter Progress Notes anywhere throughout the Clinical System, anytime, based on categories you define. Later, look up Progress Notes based on a specific person, subject, day, or time.
  • Track a Resident’s Mental and Physical Status, Hearing, Vision, Vital Signs, and more. Once entered, this information is updated right into the MDS for you automatically.
  • Resident Problem List can include a variety of items, including Diagnoses, Allergies, Therapies, Medical and Surgical procedures, etc. All Problems are assigned a start date, and when applicable a resolution date. Resolve an item on the list, and reactivate if it comes back. Problems on the list can be prioritized differently for both clinical and financial applications, allowing maximum flexibility.
  • View Problem List History any time, and add Progress Notes whenever applicable.
  • Setup automatic notification of significant events to any users of the system. For example, send messages automatically when new admission is complete, physician orders updated, MDS completed, etc.
  • Target Residents at risk for weight loss using our comprehensive Weight Change Inquiry screen. This screen allows you to find those Residents who meet the criteria you define over any period of time (example, those who have had more than a 3% change in body weight in the last month).
  • Use American’s unique Actions to setup regularly occurring activities and events, such as therapy sessions, Care Giver appointments, and other interventions. Once Actions are defined, tell the system when they happened, and update the MDS and/or Billing whenever appropriate. Just imagine having the system calculate the number of therapy minutes in the last seven days (in MDS Section P) automatically!
  • American’s Physician’s Orders allows entry and automatic or manual renewal of orders, discontinued and new orders lists, and custom print options to fit your facility’s needs.
  • American also offers interfaces to the GERI Menu system, and to outside Pharmacy programs.

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