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Physician's Orders / Assignments


Physician’s Orders

This module provides for entry of all scheduled/emergency, routine/prn orders, activities, consultations, laboratory tests, diets, reviews, services, medications, etc. for every Resident. Recurring and specific schedules of administration (date and time) are entered; follow-up dates are automatically tracked and reported in advance of discontinue/review dates. These orders automatically generate the schedule of services/activities to be administered to every Resident, and are automatically printed by the system in the required formats at the required times.

Assignment/Flow Charting Sheets

The system automatically produces an administration/charting form with an abstract of the Resident's medical record. Medications, treatments, therapies, care plan, and restorative procedures are all controlled by a preprinted form noting administration dates, time, special instructions, and notes. Automatic reminder notices (e.g. take pulse/blood pressure before administering certain drugs) are also included.
  • Data is entered once to produce all forms and reports.
  • Produces legible, easy to read forms.
  • Allows you to better utilize the time of staff professionals.
  • Conforms to the highest level of accreditation standards.
  • Focuses data once to greatly reduce the possibility of transcription/spelling errors.
  • The use of tables and codes throughout the system allows for a great deal of individualization by each facility. For example, the system allows you to set up a schedule of administration codes (and times), diet codes, diagnosis codes, drug codes, etc.

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