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Accounts Receivable

  American's Accounts Receivable system is a fully detailed, open-item system.
  • Billing is automatically updated to A/R on your command, letting you control when you’re satisfied with your bill run and updating when you want to.
  • You have complete control over how payments are applied to invoices. Automatic distribution by 'FIFO' (First in-First out), 'LIFO' (Last in-First out), by Invoice number, etc. In addition, this can be controlled by Payor, even down to specific line items on the bill.
  • Automatic write-off of certain accounts based on small balance amounts in certain aging categories, specific financial classes.
  • Use our A/R Inquiry screens to view summary of balances due by payor, then drill down level by level to find more details on any bill as you need them, right down to the item level.
  • Find out if a charge has been retroactively rebilled to another payor, and when. Look up how many patient days were billed on an invoice, all on the same screen.

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