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Billing Management

  • Unique Payor List setup allows you to define all payors for a Care Receiver with appropriate benefit periods, so that payors are billed automatically at the appropriate time.
  • Missing Billing Information reports are standard, alerting you to any information lacking before it becomes an issue.
  • Charges are generated by our Room and Board processing, uploads from outside vendors, and from our unique clinical “actions”, where you can setup ongoing events such as therapy sessions (on the clinical system), and as the events are done, they are updated into the billing system, eliminating redundant keypunching. Manual entry of charges is also always
    an option if you wish.
  • Monthly patient day proofs and billing statistics are available as reports and inquiry screens, so you always have an up-to-date picture of billable days and charges.
  • Bill payors at the same time for primary and coinsurance charges, or bill coinsurance as step-down, where coinsurance is automatically billed after the primary charges are paid (no input or tickler files are necessary from an operational standpoint, the system simply flags the coinsurance to bill once payment is received).
  • Medicare A (including No-Pay and On-Demand bills), Medicare B, HCFA-1500, Managed Care, Private Insurances are all standard features of the billing system, including electronic billing to these payors.
  • Our business partnership with ACOM forms allows you to print any standard bill form (UB92, HCFA-1500, etc.) using plain paper and any laser printer, translating into no forms alignment, no printer jams, just easy printing of paper bills when you need them.
  • User-defined billing cycles allow you to flexibly bill daily, weekly, monthly, etc., as allowed by the various payors you’ve setup.
  • Retroactive changes in financial coverage automatically prompt you to rebill charges appropriately. Retroactive rate changes are processed automatically via adjustments made to accounts receivable, or can be processed as a re-bill.
  • Bills can be reprinted anytime, and electronic submission files can be reproduced for any prior billing period.
  • Billing Edit History, down to line item details, and rebill history inquiry screens are standard.
  • Other standard billing reports include charge/allowance journals, income journals, Medicare Assessment Window reports, Private-Advance memorandum billing, and pending charges.

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