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Census Management


The American Census Management system allows you to build the Care Receiver database, track A/D/T’s, and produce a multitude of reports and listings. The American Census module accommodates multiple institutions, Financial Insurances, and Levels of Care quickly, easily, and accurately. Highlights include the following:

  • You create your own masterfile coding structure, so all of the codes you use are meaningful to you and to your organization. Interactive search capabilities are used everywhere throughout the system, so if you don’t remember a code, you can find it whenever you need it, without having to leave the screen you’re on.
  • Resident records can be accessed by Identification Number, by Name, by Location, or other attributes, appropriate to the screen or function you are running. Resident information can be looked up or modified with minimal effort by authorized staff from computers located anywhere in the facility. Related facility areas (dietary, housekeeping, pharmacy, etc.) are always up to date on the latest admissions, transfers and discharges.
  • Inquiry features allow for instantaneous display of up-to-date Resident data.
  • Track location and status, all the while sharing this valuable information with all of our clinical and financial sub-systems, eliminating redundant data entry.
  • Enter information on potential admissions as inquiries about your facility are made. This information is maintained in our “waiting list”, which allows you to search for a best match as beds become available. We won’t let you waste any time—if the person is
    admitted, all waiting list information is brought forward automatically.
  • All Administrative, Clinical, Financial, and Geographic information is maintained, tracked, and shared with all other American modules automatically.
  • Our unique “Problem List” encompasses the total Care Receiver, including categories for Diagnoses, Allergies, Surgical Procedures, Therapies, and MDS-related. Resolve/ Reactivate a problem, combine it with another problem, view history, and enter Progress Notes. You can even prioritize diagnoses for clinical purposes differently than for billing/financial purposes.
  • Annual comprehensive update of all ICD-9 codes on CD-ROM is standard.
  • Medicare A MDS Assessment information is automatically sent from Clinical to the Census/Billing system, including the RUGS score, Assessment Effective Date, Assessment Reason/Modifier, and Benefit Period Start/End dates.

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