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Accounts Payable

  Accounts Payable Highlights:
  • Voucher Entry
    • On-line interactive editing for valid vendor codes, distribution account number and internal voucher balancing
    • Optionally setup standard expense distribution by vendor to avoid keypunch errors
    • Up to 999 expense distribution lines per voucher
    • Optional setup of recurring vouchers for vendors with standard orders eliminates repetitive keypunching
  • A/P Inquiries on-line and real-time - as soon as vouchers are posted, view the results anywhere throughout the A/P or G/L system.
  • Post Adjustments to existing vouchers whenever appropriate
  • Cash Requirements Reporting and Inquiry screens
  • Vouchers are expensed to the General Ledger by the transaction date assigned to it
  • Flexible check generation allows user to easily and efficiently rerun jammed checks without wasting checks printed prior to the jam
  • Manual payment of vouchers is quick and easy--and check registers automatically note if check is computer-generated, manual payment, void, etc.
  • A/P vouchers, checks, voided checks are updated to General Ledger immediately upon posting
  • Easy check reconciliation process makes reconciling bank statements easier than ever! Or, optional EDI processing lets you send your checks to your bank electronically, letting the bank do the work for you!
  • Standard monthly reports include Expense Distributions, A/P to G/L reconciliation, check register, etc.
  • A/P Agings, Open A/P, Paid Vouchers, Purchases by Department, Vendor Labels, are all just a few of the reports standard to the system.
  • 1099 processing lets you efficiently handle end-of-year tasks, and includes 1099 electronic submission.

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