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General Ledger

  American's General Ledger Highlights:
  • FLEXIBLE chart of account setup gives you the room you need to design and realize the account setup of your dreams...Company (5) / Department (4) / Sub-Department (6) / Account (4) / Sub-Account (6)
  • Journal entries support up to 999 lines of distribution per entry
  • Special authorization required for posting out of balance entries prevents keypunch and posting errors
  • General Ledger Allocation entry allows user to spread dollar amount or percentage from one account to other accounts.
  • Recurring entries are applied on a month to month basis
  • Unique Account Balance Inquiry lets you see period and YTD balance by account, “drill down” anytime to view details on the balance. Easily “roll” to prior or future periods for more balance information, at the touch of a button. Print balances and account details anytime.
  • General Ledger Reports are, for the most part, user defined and therefore you have the flexibility to create your own unique reports. Standard Reports include:
    • Journals
    • Multiple Trial Balances
    • General Ledger (monthly and Cumulative YTD)
    • Balance Sheet
    • Statement of Revenue and Expense
    • State of Changes in Financial Position
    • Account Analysis
    • Departmental Expense Report.
  • The system provides for the following classifications or levels of reporting, by detail account number, by group number, by type of account (income, expense, asset, liability), by department or cost center, by corporation, consolidated by regions or groups of corporations (user defined), total consolidations.
  • Interactive Budgeting features let you manually enter budgets or base budget numbers on prior year budget or actual dollars.
  • Easy to use year end processing allows you to continue processing in current year while simultaneously working on prior year’s auditing entries and reconciliation. Changes in prior year are automatically updated to the new year.

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